Jan Müller
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About Me

Hey, I'm a software engineer working on websites, APIs, libraries, mobile apps, and CLIs. Beyond development, I occasionally work on tasks related to DevOps and SEO.

As an Open Source enthusiast, I maintain a variety of projects, mostly focused on web development.


First-order-logic model checking with interactive graph visualization, real-time validation, and textual input.

Formi Logo Formi Logo

Masonry Wall

My popular Vue component for dynamic masonry layouts with SSR support.


A Next.js web app for real-time traffic data of Wiener Linien's public transportation monitors.


A Kotlin library for studying primitive recursive functions using a mathematical DSL.

Noted ✏️

A PWA for Markdown-based note-taking, built with Nuxt.js.

Apollo 🚀

A graph-based first-order-logic model checker and the result of my bachelor thesis.

Experiments 🛠️

A space for ideas and doodles that don't fit the scope of a dedicated project.


  • Senacor Technologies AG Software Engineer
  • Yatta Solutions GmbH Software Engineer (Internship)
  • University of Kassel Research Group Programming Languages / Methodologies
  • University of Kassel Theoretical Computer Science / Formal Methods
  • University of Kassel Automative EE Systems and Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering
  • Management Services Helwig Schmitt GmbH Software Engineer (Internship)


  • Software Engineering and Internet Computing (M.Sc.) TU Wien
  • Computer Science (B.Sc.) University of Kassel
  • University-entrance diploma (Abitur) Wilhelmsgymnasium Kassel


  • Sponsorship award for outstanding academic achievement · Details
  • Algorithms & data structures programming competition, 1st place
  • DPG-Abiturpreis · Details