Jan Müller
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About Me

Web & Mobile

I develop websites, apps, APIs, libraries , and CLIs using various programming languages, including Kotlin, TypeScript, Go, and Python, as well as frameworks like React, Vue, Angular, and Astro.

In addition to development, I work on tasks related to DevOps, such as designing efficient CI pipelines and handling deployment of microservices.


I enjoy working on open-source and hobby projects, which I use as a platform for learning new technologies and giving back to the OSS community.

I am also not averse to the theoretical aspects of software development and like to deal with algorithms, data structures, or the big O notation, among others.

Hobbies & Inspiration

I find my inspiration while listening to music, walking, and reading, where I like to lose myself in science fiction worlds like Frank Herbert's Dune.

Both melancholic songs by Ben Howard and breathtaking soundtracks of my favorite video games accompany me during hours of programming and inspire me to look for solutions to even the trickiest problems.


  • Senacor Technologies AG Software Engineer
  • Yatta Solutions GmbH Software Engineer (Internship)
  • University of Kassel Research Group Programming Languages / Methodologies
  • University of Kassel Theoretical Computer Science / Formal Methods
  • University of Kassel Automative EE Systems and Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering
  • Management Services Helwig Schmitt GmbH Software Engineer (Internship)


  • Software Engineering and Internet Computing (M.Sc.) TU Wien
  • Computer Science (B.Sc.) University of Kassel
  • University-entrance diploma (Abitur) Wilhelmsgymnasium Kassel


  • Sponsorship award for outstanding academic achievement · Details
  • Algorithms & data structures programming competition, 1st place
  • DPG-Abiturpreis · Details