Displaying 3D models with Vue

Displaying 3D models with Vue

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A Vue component for displaying 3D models using Marmoset Viewer.

IntroductionSection titled Introduction

As part of a university course, I created a 3D model of an An-26 airplane. Of course, I was looking for a way to show my work, but the large file size was making things trickier than expected.

I eventually discovered Marmoset Toolbag and its JavaScript library Marmoset Viewer for embedding models in websites. The free trial would allow me to export my model to the proprietary format, but I quickly discovered that the JavaScript library was not available on NPM.

At the time, my website was built using Vue. So, after requesting consent from Marmoset, I created the NPM package vue-marmoset-viewer. It dynamically (and lazily) loads the Marmoset Viewer script, handles the lifecycle of viewer instances and provides reactive properties. Should manual access to the Marmoset Viewer script be required, it also provides a helper function for accessing the loaded instance.

Below is an example usage of the Vue component, showing my model.

InstallationSection titled Installation

First, install the dependency using your preferred package manager.

# yarn
$ yarn add vue-marmoset-viewer

# npm
$ npm install vue-marmoset-viewer

Note: Use v1 for Vue 2. v2 and onward only support Vue 3.

UsageSection titled Usage

To use the component, it needs to be either imported globally, or locally in a specific Vue component. In the following examples, I’ll only be covering the Vue 3 usage (though it should be almost the same for Vue 2).

import { createApp } from 'vue'
import * as MarmosetViewer from 'vue-marmoset-viewer'

const app = createApp()


Using the component is straightforward, thanks to its reactive props. For example, the example used in this post looks as follows:


By setting responsive, the component resizes to fit its parent automatically. The optional height and width props can be used to fix the respective dimensions size. Further, the component can be configured to start the viewer as soon as it’s loaded, by passing the auto-start prop.

ConclusionSection titled Conclusion

The Marmoset Viewer is a great tool for embedding high-quality 3D models in websites. Unfortunately, its JavaScript library can be cumbersome to use, as it’s not available on NPM.

By using this component, using the Marmoset Viewer with Vue websites (or Astro, like this blog!) is much simplified.

Below is a high-res version of my plane model. Load it at your own discretion, it comes in at almost 36 MB!